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How do I pair my bluetooth headset?
Last Updated 2 years ago

On The Sangoma Phone
  1. Press the Menu button on the bottom right of the main display screen
  2. Use the arrow navigation panel to navigate to the Settings option, and press Enter (or the check mark button in the center of the navigation arrow keys)
  3. Select Basic Settings and press Enterimage
  4. Navigate down to the Bluetooth menu option and press Enter
  5. On this screen, if the phone says that bluetooth is on, follow the next sub-steps, otherwise skip to step 6
    1. Press the Switch option to turn bluetooth on
    2. Press the Save button to ensure that bluetooth is on
    3. Press the Back button to return to the menu screen and action the save
    4. Select the Bluetooth menu option
  6. On your headset, press and hold the bluetooth activation button until the indicator light begins to flash blue/red
  7. Select option #2 Paired Bluetooth Device and press the Scan button on the bottom of the phone screen
  8. The phone will look for any bluetooth devices looking to pair. An MPOW device should show up.
  9. Press the Connect button on the bottom right of the phone
  10. When you return to the main screen, the phone should now indicate that there is a bluetooth device connected

You also need to ensure that you have activated headset mode on your phone. This is done by pressing the


button on the phone

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