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How do I dispatch invoices in Counterpoint?
Last Updated 9 months ago

  • Dispatching invoices is done from the Invoice Dispatch menu option
  • 4. Sales Desk > 7. Driver Dispatch > 1. Invoice Dispatch
  • To start, you can optionally display invoices for only a certain run by selecting the run number you want. Otherwise, press enter to view outstanding invoices for all runs.
  • Then, select a driver who you want to assign the deliveries to
  • Once the driver is selected, all invoices currently available for delivery are listed.
  • Once the invoices are listed, you have numerous options to select which invoices to dispatch. You may:
    • Left click the invoice you wish to dispatch with the mouse
    • Key in the order number of the invoice to dispatch
    • Scan the barcode on the invoice you wish to dispatch
  • All scheduled deliveries will have a time in the Order Despatched column once they are selected.
  • You can un-select an invoice by clicking the invoice number again.
  • To accept all deliveries, click the ‘close run’ button.
  • Once accepting, you will be asked if you wish to print a delivery sheet. A delivery sheet is a summary listing of all invoices dispatched in this session.
  • After selecting Y or N for the delivery sheet, all invoices are pushed out to the phone assigned to the driver you just selected. For more info on the mobile jDispatch application, please refer to the jDispatch mobile documentation.

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