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How do I add/change drivers?
Last Updated 8 months ago

Driver maintenance for JDispatch is primarily handled through Counterpoint. To update, follow these steps.

  • Log into the Counterpoint
  • Take following menu path.
    • 4. Sales Desk > 7. Driver Dispatch > 2. Driver Maintenance
  • Select option #1 - Add Driver
  • Enter a code for the driver, such as their first name. *** This code should be unique across your branches in case you wish to share drivers between branches
  • Enter Their First & Last Name, as this will be how they are identified in the dashboard
  • You can leave the contact number and vehicle blank if you wish.
  • Accept and add the driver by pressing F1
  • Once you have added a driver, or made any changes, you must go back to the Add/Change/Delete menu and run option #4, extract driver info to update the information to the web. It is possible that option 4 may not appear on the screen. If this is the case, you can still press 4 and hit enter and the routine will run.

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