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How do I create a delivery run?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Within Counterpoint dispatching, you can group customers beyond a delivery type by using a 'run'. These are usually a geographic type of grouping and allows the dispatcher to select and dispatch invoices to drivers by a run, instead of having to sort through a complete listing of open invoices.

The first step to setting up runs is to create the run code itself. This code will be assigned to the respective customers and used within the invoice dispatching screen.

4. Sales Desk > 7. Delivery Dispatch > 5. Delivery Run Maint.


The run maintenance only requires that you use a code and a description.

Once the code is set up, you can assign any of the customers you wish to belong to this run via the customer maintenance

1. Accounts Receivable > 1. Data Maintenance > 1. Customer Master


On first setup, AMS can work with you and programmatically assign the initial set of customers by mapping out the run regions on a map and then translating that into codes in your system

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