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How Do I Recall a Receiving Document?
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If you happen to know the PO, or rush receiving reference, you can skip to Step 4. Otherwise, begin at step 1.

  1. To find the receiving number by , navigate to 7. Purchasing > 2 Inquiry Functions > 3. Received Item History.
    1. If the item is non-stocked, you will NEED to key the category.
    2. If the item is stocked, you can bypass the category and key the number. If the number exists, it will auto-select the category
  2. With the number keyed in, a listing of all receivings for that item will show
  3. The key piece of information needed to reprint the receiving document is in the PO Number field, highlighted above
  4. Now, navigate to 7. Purchasing > 2 Inquiry Functions > 4. Received P.O. History.
  5. Key in the receiving number based on the info provided in step 2
    1. Because we are entering a specific PO, the branches and dates do not matter and you can enter through them
  6. This should now display a reprint of the receipt journal for that receiving.

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