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I changed the stocking multipliers on a line, but the prices have not changed. What’s wrong?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you did not enter Y to the Update Prices Now? prompt at the end of the price multiplier maintenance acceptance process the system will not act on the multipliers until the next time there is a price update.

If you want to have the prices recalculated immediately you will need to return to Price Multiplier maintenance in Change mode, Change the fifth decimal place on any one field by incrementing it by 1. (eg. 35.00000 to 35.00001) This will not materially change the pricing but will trigger the Update Prices Now? Prompt which if you answer Y will result in the system running the new calculations against all of the stocked items within the category. Alternately you could also call AMS and request that we resend the price file(s) for the category which can then be run immediately or left to process automatically overnight should you so desire.

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