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A line is (or will be) changing from Jobber to Net pricing what do I need to do?
Last Updated a year ago

When a line changes its base price you need to make two changes on the price multipliers maintenance screen for all of the Price Discount Groups affected by the change.

1 – Open up each discount group and change field 40 Original to Price Level to reflect the new base price you will be receiving for this line (ie if a line that was jobber will now be receiving net price field 40 will need to be changed from price level 5 to price level 6)

2 - On all lines where you changed field 40 change at least the first multiplier line to reflect where the new base price will be found.

So in that case of a line that was Jobber less 35% but is now Net you will need to change the first multiplier line from;

Price 6 Becomes Price 5 + -35.00000%

To } - (Where 6 is Cost and 5 is Jobber)

Price 5 Becomes Price 6 + 55.00000%

If dollar value of your net price is the same as it was previously you will likely not need to change anything other than the first line since all other multipliers will typically build on the results of the first calculation. That said, review the other price level calculations to ensure that they remain valid in light of the new base level that you are receiving.

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