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How Do I Update Eco-Fees & Levies?
Last Updated 2 years ago

When AMS receives a price file with eco fees, they are added into the file uploaded into Counterpoint. There are two areas of eco-fee and levy handling within Counterpoint. 

Stocking Items

When setting up levies for stocking items, you must first define the levy code. This allows you to apply the codes directly to the products, and only have to change the code itself when there is a  change in the levy value. Levy maintenance is done under 4. Sales Desk > 8. Administration > 2. Customer Pricing > 6. Levy / Eco Fees


Here, you define the new code you want to set up (can be any two characters), and the associated price, GL Account distribution, text, etc.

Once this code is set up, it can be applied to an item. All stocking items can have a levy code applied to them within the product maintenance screen (6. Inventory > 1. Data Maintenance > 1. Master Files > 2. Product Master ), under field 76


When adding the code, the associated value will also show. 

When a price update is received, any items with a valid levy value (as in, you have a corresponding eco fee code set up in Counterpoint), will have the corresponding code applied to the item.

Non Stocking Items

Non-stocking items can also have levies added, but require an extra step in order to have them automatically apply when adding the items into inventory.

This extra step is maintained under 6. Inventory > 4. Pricing > 1. Data Maintenance > 9. Oil Filter Levies


In this screen, you need to assign a single character code to one of your levy codes. Then, when a price update is received, and levy prices that match your codes will be uploaded with the single digit code. 

When you go to add the item, the system will use this translate table to then apply the proper 2 digit code when adding the item to inventory.

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