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How do I activate a user for remote ordering?
Last Updated a year ago

Steps to activate a user

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Click on the sponsor login logo
  3. Log in with your admin credentials
  4. In the first screen, you are presented with a number of options. Dealer Preferences will allow you to maintain any users currently set up for remote ordering, and Jobber Preferences will list any users not yet activated for remote ordering, but that are set up in your A/R system in Counterpoint. Click Jobber Preferences to add a customer.
  5. Scroll through the listing, and click on the customer you wish to activate. NOTE: It takes overnight for a new customer to appear on this list unless forced by AMS.
  6. Set up the customer as desired. The required settings are:
    1. Order Branch set to the default order branch of the customer
    2. Counterman No set to your web counterman number
    3. Web access from Counterpoint set to NO
    4. Purchasing Allowed set to YES

The customer will now be able to order with these basic settings, and every user is different, but we have found the following settings to enhance the user’s experience.

  1. Search Only Inventory set to YES
  2. Multiples View set to YES
  3. Catalogue Compressed View set to NO
  4. Search Buying Group Warehouse set to YES

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