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How do I edit my key purchasing flags?
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Product Maintenance

During the process of adding a part, you will be presented a full product maintenance screen (6. Inventory > 1. Data Maintenance > 1. Master Files > 2. Product Master). Within this screen are a number of fields handled by the purchasing system. 

  1. Minimum (Also shown as ROP Vendor on some systems)
  2. Maximum (Also shown as Manual Maximum on some systems)
  3. Pur Qty / Use On PO
  4. Reorder
  5. Supplier #

This is the most comprehensive way to manage your purchasing specific flags on an item as all fields are available. 

Minimum - When entered, the suggested order process can be flagged to order product up to this level

Maximum - When entered, the suggested order process can be flagged to only order up to this level

Reorder - If set to 'N' this item will, by default, be ignored from a suggested order. You can, optionally, override this value.

Pur Qty - This will default to 1 but, when the qty is modified, the suggested order process will order this product in multiples of the Pur Qty value

Use on PO - This flag should be set to a 'Y' in situations where product must be purchased in multiples, but the supplier sees those multiples as a single unit. For example, you must purchase an item in boxes of 10. In your system this is 10 units, but to the supplier you will only purchase 1 box.

Supplier - By default, this value should be set to the purchasing vendor that it set on the category (6. Inventory > 1. Data Maintenance > 1. Master Files > 1. Category Master). You can also override this with another default supplier. This supplier code is what is looked at when running a suggested order by supplier. 

If no value is present, you can add it via 7. Purchasing > 1. Data Maintenance > 6. Set Default Supplier Code

All Branches

Once you have managed the global fields of supplier, purchase qty, you can modify the key flags of the other branches from within the same program. 

When accepting the changes in the product maintenance screen, you will be prompted to Maintain branch info now? The default is N, but if you press Y you will be brought to the branch maintenance screen


Here you can modify the purchasing fields used in your other branches from one spot.


You can also manage core Min/Max/Reorder via an Excel spreadsheet upload. Instructions on this process can be found here:

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