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How do I edit a suggested order?
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Accessing a suggested order

To manage your suggested orders, you can access a full list through 7. Purchasing > 4. Suggested Order Processing > 3. Add/Change Order

The suggested order maintenance will show a list of all outstanding suggested orders to select from, which can span many pages. 


When the suggested order is selected the maintenance screen will show multiple lines of the SO on one screen

Modifying the Order

Items may be added to the suggested order or the quantity to buy on existing items may be changed. If a line is to be deleted from the suggested order, set the quantity to buy to zero. 


From the Buy field, [F10] or TAB will access the Inventory à File Maintenance à Product Master Maintenance in change mode. From there, all normal maintenance functions may be performed, complete with branch information.

Once you have edited a line, press enter and the F1 to accept the change. You can then quickly move to the next line by pressing F7


During the (A)dd a line process, the [F11] whilst in the category field will connect the user to the product master maintenance menu and F6 will connect to the branch stock inquiry screen.

Creating a Purchase Order

Following any additions, deletions or changes, the [o] option will convert the suggested order into a purchase order. 


Once selected, the user need only press [enter] for the default vendor (from the SO) and the [f1] to accept the remainder of the fields prior to being able to print the purchase order. 


Once all items have been filled in, the new PO number will be displayed in the 'P.O. Number' field

Once the purchase order has been created, the suggested order is removed from the system.

Purchasing Parameters

When the file maintenance à parameter file (screen 1) has been set up with a WO# and internal supplier, it is possible to generate production work orders from a suggested order along with a regular PO.

Set up a suggested order in the normal manner, setting the supplier to the internal number per the parameter file. Although a suggested order is created, the user will be prompted with print production requirement report instead of print suggested order.

The suggested order that is created may be amended as usual, and then when ready, converted to a purchase order. With an outside supplier, the process would be complete after the purchase order is created from the suggested order and the suggested order removed. However, when the supplier is internal (your own company), the user is also asked if the Work order should be printed after the purchase order has been printed. If [y], then a work order, or multiple work orders, will be printed. A work-order contains the wo # from the parameter file, the date and po # as well as the quantity, category and item to be produced. The document can then be sent to the appropriate personnel/department for production, and when produced, the product is received in the normal manner.

In a multiple branch situation, stock transfers can be generated from Suggested order maintenance by selecting the t)ransfer option after selecting the appropriate suggested order. A regular stock transfer document will be created in for sales desk transfer functions, with all normal processing intact. The distribution branch needs to be set up in file maintenance > PO parameter maintenance (screen 2) first. The distribution centre must always maintain its minimum, therefore only stock over the minimum will be transferred.

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