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How do I set up a Core Markup?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Counterpoint provides the ability to mark up cores in order to offset the cost of cores that are never returned. The setup routine is accessed via the following menu path.

4. Sales Desk…-> 7. Administration…->2. Customer Pricing…-> 5. Core Markups

Alternately you can enter “Core Markups” into the menu search and select line 1. In either case Select Add/Change/Delete as appropriate to the task at hand which will bring up the following screen.


Enter data fields as follows.

1 Customer – If core mark up is to be customer specific, enter a customer number here. For all Customers hit enter here.

3 Category - If the core mark ups are to be restricted to one category enter that category here. If mark ups are to be applied to all categories hit Enter in this field

Note – If screen will not accept a Customer/Category combination, enter F2 from the input screen to exit the program and re-enter the program in change mode as the combination likely already exists.

5 Type – Enter “$” for core mark ups of a specified dollar amount or ”%” for mark ups done as a percentage of the core value. (Note – The value you enter in this field dictates the fields you will fill out below.)

6 Upcharge – If you entered “$” in field 5 above you will be prompted to enter the specific dollar amount to add to the core charge on all specified parts.

7 Percentage - If you entered “%” in field 5 above you will be prompted to enter the percentage of up charge to be calculated and added to the parts core value.

8 Rounding – If you entered “%” in field 5 above you will be prompted to enter the type of rounding you would like to have applied. Options available are N=No rounding, U=Up to the Next Dollar, S= To the NEAREST Dollar

When you have entered all fields and are happy with the screen hit [F1] to accept it..

Repeat the process with all required Customers, Part numbers and/or Categories and as and when appropriate hit [F2] to exit the program.

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