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How do I Create Contract or Special Pricing
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Counterpoint provides for specials pricing at the inventory level (available to all customers) and contract pricing at the customer level (customer specific pricing). Additionally, specials pricing, at the inventory level can be controlled by either or both of sale quantity and start/end date. Both specials and contract pricing can also be set up as either a percentage discount off of a price level or as a hard coded sale price. Lastly, for contract pricing to work at the customer level there is a flag that needs to be turned on in the customer master record. The following procedure walks you through setting up both types of pricing.

Customer Specific Contract Pricing

For Customer specific contract pricing set the Contract Pricing allowed flag on using the following procedure.

Access the Customer master record via the following Menu path.

  1. Accounts Receivable… -> 1. Data Maintenance…-> 1. Customers -> 2 Change Existing Customer

 Alternately, enter “Customer” into the menu search select line 1 then take option 2 Change Existing Customer.

Enter the customer number you wish to work with and ensure that 46 Allow Contract Pricing? Is set to “Y”. Hit [F1] to accept the record and exit the program.

Use the following procedure with appropriate entries to set up Customer specific pricing.

Inventory Level Specials Pricing

The following procedure is used to set up Both Customer specific contract pricing and inventory level specials pricing. The program is accessed via the following menu path.

4. Sales Desk…-> 7. Administration…-> 2. Customer Pricing…->3. Contract Specials

Alternately entering “Specials” in the menu search and selecting line 2 will launch the program directly. In either case Select Add/Change/Delete as appropriate, which brings up the following screen:


Enter Data as follows.

1 Customer – If you are entering contract pricing for one customer enter the customer number here.  (Note -  If the customer number will not take check that the customer master record is properly configured per the procedure above.)  If the pricing is going to be for all customers simply hit enter in this field.

3 Category – Enter the category to which pricing will apply in this field. Leave this field blank if you wish to work with individual part numbers only.

5 Part Number – Enter a part number or hit the enter key to have the special apply to all part numbers within the category.

7 Discount Level - If the special/contract should apply only to a specific pricing parameter discount level, enter that discount code here. If you wish to apply the special/contract to your default 'blank' level, enter in a space.

8 Only if Blank? - This is related to option 7. If you are looking to apply the special/contract to your default 'blank' price level, you would have entered space in field 7 and would enter a 'Y' here to activate it.

9 Discount Group - You can opt to apply a special to a specific group of customers by entering an industry discount group code here

10 Class - You can opt to apply a contract/special to a specific group of products by class. Entering a class code here will accomplish this.

12 Sub-Class - You can opt to apply a contract/special to a specific group of products by sub-class. Entering a sub-class code here will accomplish this.

14 Only at Net - Press Y here if you 

15 Start Date – If this special is to be date driven enter the start date here.

18 End Date – If special is date driven enter the end date here.

(NOTE – Hit enter in each field if dates are not required.)

21 Net Price – If this special is to have a hard coded price enter the value here. Leave blank if subsequent fields are to be used. (Note 1 If price entered is below cost you will be asked to confirm that this is correct and enter your pin to accept the entry. Note 2 If a value is entered in this field cursor will bypass fields 14, 15 and 16)

22 Price Level – Enter the price level that the special will use here.

23 Percentage – If using a price level, enter the percentage (Plus or Minus) that will be applied to the price level entered in field 14 for the special.

24 Price Break – This field will be skipped unless you are working with a part that has price breaks configured.

25 Inc. Non-Stocked? - If you wish to have your conrtract/special apply to non-stocked items as well, enter a 'Y' here.

26 To Be Sold – Enter a Zero if this sale is not quantity limited. Otherwise enter the maximum quantity available at the sale price.

27 Sold -  This field will be updated by the system as sales occur thus providing a method of tracking the sell through on the item.

28 Flyer – If this sale item is advertised in a flyer enter the flyer number here to track flyer performance.

When satisfied that all is correct hit [F1] to accept the record.

Note that in all cases where specials have a sunset clause whether by time or by quantity pricing will automatically revert to normal prices as the condition is met.

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