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How do I add custom comments?
Last Updated 6 months ago

Autoecat allows you to add custom comments for either public or private consumption. 

In order to do this, you will first need to look up an application that has the part number in question. 


Right next to the application comments is a small comment bubble icon with a '+' sign in it. Clicking this will present you with option to add a custom note.


In this screen, you can configure the following:

  • Comment - This is the comment you want to display with this part and/or application
  • Apply To?
    • Part - This comment will show on any application listings where this part is listed.
    • Vehicle Only - This comment will only show on this part for the current application selected
  • Comment Use?
    • Public - This comment will show to ALL users
    • Private - This comment will only show to users who have been configured to view private comments.

** More on customer configuration options can be found here:

Once completed, you can click the 'Save Comment' button to save your comment.

To view a current listing of comments to modify and/or delete, click the Full User Comment Listing link

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