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How can I split a PO between branches?
Last Updated 2 years ago

This enhancement is to provide the ability to split certain Supplier Suggested orders to Direct Ship when a branches requirement meet or exceed the Supplier prepay value and if not order the goods to the DC and cross dock the product to the designated branch upon receipt.


Parameter Maintenance

New information has been added to the Purchasing parameters for the Top-Up percentage and to print Split PO information. These new fields are on screen 3 of the purchasing parameters, field 66 and 67


The Top-Up percentage is used to determine if the Top-Up option should be allowed when a suggest order value is within this percentage of the Supplier prepay amount. The Top-Up function adds quantities of the most popular products to the suggested order until the prepay value is reached.

The Print Splits option is to indicate if the branch split information should be included on the printed purchase order.

These values must be entered for all locations

Supplier Maintenance

Suppliers that are to be considered for Split or Cross Dock need to be identified using an “S” in the Direct to Branch.


When the supplier is set for Split to allow Direct Ship or Cross Dock the their parts will not be included in the daily replenishment transfers to the branches. The branches will be replenished with the goods ordered from the supplier for them.

Create Purchase Order from Suggested Order

When creating a purchase order from a suggested order for a Split Supplier a new message will be displayed to indicate it is a Split Supplier


When the Suggested Order is accepted a new screen will be displayed with the options to split or top-up.


From this screen the branches in excess of prepay will default to split and a separate purchase order will be created for these locations. If the Top-Up option is selected those branches that are within the Top-Up variance will be topped up to meet prepay requirements.

Print Purchase Order

When the option to show splits is set to Y a comment will be included on the purchase order to indicate the quantities that are to be transferred to other locations.

Example: “transfer to Br08-1” where the 1 is the quantity for BR08.

When a purchase order is printed from a Suggested Order or Purchase Order Maintenance the default setting in the parameter file will be used for Show Splits, if the PO is printed using the Purchase Order print option the user will be able to select what setting to use for Show Splits.

Purchase Order Receipt

When receiving a PO for a Split Supplier and modifying received quantities a message will be displayed for parts that are to be cross docked to another location so they can be set aside and not put on the shelf in the DC.


When Editing of the PO is complete if there are any parts received with different than the original split quantity they will be displayed and the quantities to transfer or retain in the DC can be edited to match the total quantity received. These differences could be due to purchase quantities or short ship.


When the receiving is completed and the update is done transfers will be created for the products that are to be cross docked.

Invoicing View On Order Quantities

In the invoice screen products destined to be cross docked will all show as on order to the DC.

For the branch to see what quantities are designated for them the Part Html pop-up will split the on-order quantities by branch as per the example below where “Expected Transfers” is the quantity on order to the DC that is to be Cross Docked to the branch.


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