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How do I set up a quantity price break?
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*** As a note, Price Quantity Breaks require that the on-screen discount parameter be modified ***

    • The parameter can be accessed via menu path 9. System Utilities > 4. Sales Desk > 2. Parameter Reset > 3. Screen - User Choices
    • You need to modify Field 50  - d% On Screen to 'N'
  • Quantity price breaks allow you to apply discounts to items based on how many of an item are sold. For example, if a customer buys 4 of an item, they get 10% off. If they buy 10, they get 15% off.
  • Once a price break is set up for selling, they are activated by creating a special for an item, and using the newly created price break as a means to price the item.
  • The quantity price break maintenance is accessed via menu path Sales Desk > 8. Administration > 2. Customer Pricing >7. Quantity Price Breaks
  • When setting up a price break, the first thing you do is assign it a code.
  • ‘S’ type breaks are for Selling, ‘P’ type breaks are meant for purchasing.
  • From there, you pick the quantities and the discount the customer will get when buying that quantity.
  • You would then create a special for the items you want to be on special in order for them to sell at that price. See the ‘Contracts/Specials’ section for more info.
  • When a price break is set up, counter staff will be notified when selling applicable items with a message of “Next Break At ___”. This notifies them that the customer could get a discount if they buy X amount of the items.
  • Also, on autoecat, customers will be notified of these price breaks with a message indicating “Buy X Save Y%”

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