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What is the AMS Service Status?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The AMS Service Status option available in your AMS FirstCall Systray icon is a system that monitors some of the most critical AMS services. 


When clicking on the AMS Service Status option in your AMS FirstCall Systray icon, you will be redirected to the AMS services page. If you do not have the FirstCall systray icon installed on your PC, you can browse to to view the status of AMS Services.


These services include:

  • AMS VoIP Services
    • SIP Carrier Services - The phone service from carriers we use
    • Hosted PBX Services - Status of services hosted at AMS
  • Counterpoint Cloud
  • JDispatch
    • JDispatch Dashboard - Status of the web dashboard
    • JDispatch API - Status of the backend which receives requests from mobile devices
  • Other AMS Sites 
    • AMS Homepage
    • AMS Docs Page

If there is a known outage, or known issue affecting multiple sites or customers for any of these services, it will be reported here along with updates as well as a debrief once resolved.

Also, you can elect to subscribe to this service which will send you an email if there are any issues. As a subscriber, you will also receive automatic updates as they are posted.

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