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Using the Dashboard - Dashboard
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The JDispatch dashboard page provides you with a quick view of some key metrics on your delivery performance. These metrics are live and updated every 10 seconds.

KPI Cards


Quick-glance KPI cards are shown at the top of the page. The KPIs listed are :

  • Deliveries Dispatched - Number of deliveries that have been dispatched with drivers today
  • Delivery Confirmations - The number of delivery confirmations completed by your drivers today
  • Orders Out For Delivery - The number of deliveries currently out with drivers
  • Rush Deliveries* - The number of 'Rush' type deliveries dispatched today
  • Avg Process Time - The average amount of time between when the order is taken and when the order is dispatched.
  • Total Dollars Delivered - The total value of all deliveries confirmed today
  • Delivery Efficiency* - The amount of deliveries that were confirmed within the optimized route ETA
  • Avg. Delivery Window* - The average minutes between an optimized delivery ETA and when the invoice was delivered
    * Denotes a premium user feature

Performance Graphs

Below the KPI cards are some basic performance graphs

  • Deliveries by Day - Lists deliveries and confirmations by day, over the past week, working backwards from today left to right
  • Deliveries By Hour - Volume of deliveries, by hour, for today between 7am and current time.

Performance Tables

After the graphs are two tables highlighting delivery volumes by driver and customer


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